He was doing his best to get under her skin. Cute, she thought as he spoke. “Isn’t that something you’re Lucifer’s favorite.” she smirked.

"If you expect me to beg for your help you can forget it. What do you have to offer in helping me?"

Beelzebub cocked his head slightly. This one was peculiar. He was the second most powerful among the Fallen, bested only by their imprisoned leader. It was common knowledge, not to take on any of the fallen angels. Yet here she was, testing the best of them.

I wouldn’t expect something like that. Begging is only amusing when taking one’s life.” The angel stepped toward her, devilish smirk spreading impossibly wider. "I have power. Not to mention that I have quite the way with words."

He raised a brow. "Did it ever occur to you that perhaps your father is going about catching Sam Winchester the wrong way? That maybe if you gave him the blood he doesn’t realize he wants, that he would come to us willingly?"



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Open RP


Her eyes narrowed as she studied the boy. “You have some nerve to talk to me like that.” she smirked. 

His words sank deep, but she remained calm with a smile still on her lips. “Is this all you came here for was to insult me and pick out the minor mistakes I made on a much bigger plan?” 


"I’ve always been known for my nerve. It’s what Lucifer found most admirable about me." Beelzebub tilted his head, admiring the confidence the demon had about her. It was almost as if she was untouchable,as if her body could be destroyed and she could live on. It was admirable, more so than her kind should allow. No wonder she had been Lucifer’s favorite among his pets. "Though perhaps it was the fact that my nerve would deliver."

The angel chuckled at her words. It made this much easier. "Actually, I came to offer assistance. But if you’d rather continuing making errors, then by all means, continue your work."


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From Emilee to her Knight <3

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There is literally no reason not to.


There is literally no reason not to.



"That’s why we’ve got to stick together, right? If the only ones that can hear us are each other, why turn against each other?"

Emilee smiled at the other. It was nice to have an ally. She’d been alone ever since she had been cast out of Heaven. Ever since she met Kara, she felt more human. "I agree. Why settle for being alone? It’s not a fun feeling."

The blonde tilted her head. "It’s good that we’re different," she murmured after a moment. "At least they can’t say we’re boring."