Acoustic Night at the Bar // Kin and Asher


"You’re telling me." Kin smiled, a tad sad and absently picked at her leggings, fixing her skirt. Her dad left when she was young, so her family had struggled greatly to stay in their house and feed four kids. Ever since that day she hated her dad. The family went back to her mom’s maiden name and Kin worked hard along with her older brother to help him out. Thankfully her mom landed a promotion in her job and was making good money. But things were still tight when trying to put four kids through college.

Kin smiled and shrugged. “Just have to keep trying and trying. Our lead guitarist, Benji, doesn’t give up. He just knows we’ll score big one day.” She looked up at Asher when he mentioned wanting to be a doctor. “No shit? My mom’s a nurse. Well, she wanted to be a doctor. But after…” She paused, finally getting some control of her words, not wanting to mention her father. “Starting a family, she didn’t really have time for med school. Oh, and my sister wants to be a nurse too.”

The singer blushed faintly and muttered a ‘thanks.’ No one besides her family and friends ever said she would reach her dreams. Some people told her to be more realistic, get a “real job.” Her blushed just deepened as his words. “Everyone says I’m a natural. I just need a teacher for the technical stuff. Benji or my best friend Syd can listen to me and tell me if I’m a note or two above or below what we need for the song.”

"We are lucky.I don’t know what I’d do without them." Kin giggled and shook her head. "I’m a tough cookie. One little comment isn’t going to bring me down. You’re more fun than you give yourself credit for. I’m having a great time and we’re just talking. That says a lot." She bit her lip, not wanting to go any further with that train of thought. Her brain almost made her say that it’s surprising because she was still clothed. But she made a promise that college would be different. No sleeping around. Well… starting this semester. Last one didn’t count.

Her blush was never going to leave her cheeks. She was sure of that. “Thank you. Again. I really hope to the best teacher that I can be.” Kin tapped her glass to his bottle. “Cheers to that. May we both be blessed with good memories to come.” She smiled and sipped her drink.


Asher’s smile faltered. He could see that her mind was in another place- somewhere darker, a place that often frequented her mind. He wanted to take her away from that place- to give her something bright to always take with her. She needed sanctuary from her past- something he could perfectly understand. He’d lived among enough demons in his life to know that the most dangerous lurked in the mind. Hopefully one day she could her peace, like he was finding his now. From the passion that he heard in her dream, the sensation he’d bared witness to through her voice alone, Asher could only assume that she was on the right path.

“Well, your friend Benji sounds like a smart man.” He clinked his glass against hers, giving her a warm smile. “I would listen to him if I were you.”  He raised a brow, his soft laughter dying away as caught the hesitation.  The angel leaned forward, smiling as he rested his hand over hers. “Your mother is an admirable woman. Being with family is a far greater reward than any job could offer.” He craned his neck. “I’m sure she would be very proud of you. I would be.”

He laughed at her words, nodding his assent. “I can tell. Deep down, you’re probably much tougher than I am. My friends have called me a pushover more than once.” He winked, a playful smile on his lips. “Maybe you could help me with that sometime. Share your expertise.” Asher craned his neck, smile spreading impossibly wider. “I’m glad you’re having a good time. Though I still think I’m getting the better end of this.”

Asher loved the way that rosy pink contrasted with her skin. He couldn’t get enough of it. Hopefully, if he played his cards right, he would be seeing a lot more of it. She deserved to be happy. She needed to see how beautiful she was, inside and out. And as long as she allowed him, Asher would do the best he could to help her see herself through his eyes

Cheers.” Asher downed his glass, chuckling as he motioned the bartender for another. “I guess I needed that more than I thought.” He raised a brow, a boyish grin spreading as he turned to her. The angel hoped he wasn’t reading too much into them, though knowing him, he was. He was always so hopeful. Perhaps, that was why he was let down as much as he was. “So does this mean I’ll be seeing more of you? If so, I think I’d like that very much.” 


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Abaddon wasn’t a fan of Moloch, especially when she felt he was patronizing her. He was no better than her, and she wasn’t one to put up with being looked down at. She was perfect. She was a the queen. Being around him, especially now that she was an angel, just made her want to run a blade through his pretty face.

"Angels are pathetic little lemmings that all jump off the cliff if one of the top angels decides to,” Abaddon scoffed, wishing she could slice the smile on Moloch’s face. When Moloch compared Abaddon’s failure to that of Lucifer’s, her grace flared up and her eyes turned the angelic blue. "I won’t put up with you treating me like a child Moloch,” she seethed, standing inches from him.

Having the angel’s hand on her shoulder infuriated Abaddon even more. "When you rub it in my face with that smug smile of yours, it’s difficult to think that you truly don’t want me to feel bad about anything," she scoffed, brushing his hand off of her.

She turned her back to him, watching him over her shoulder. "They can deal with my opinion of them," she seethed, letting her angel blade out and examining it. It’d be a very long time since she’d had one of those blades. "Plus, half of them still fear me. I am the angel of the abyss after all,”Abaddon smirked.

“It’s funny that you say that, since you’re one of us now.” It was all so amusing. He’d lusted for power long before the Fall. But there was a difference between pride and ignorance. His darling sister had followed in their brother’s footsteps.  She’d gained loyal followers with her words and her power. And just like Lucifer, she’d lost it all. All because of man. “Go ahead. Threaten the only one that’s offering to help you. See how that treats you.”

Moloch chuckled as she moved away from him. She had always been full of fire.  No matter what obstacle she faced, she always had a way of coming out on top. Well, up until now. “I would apologize, but it’s not exactly my style. Though to be fair, if it wasn’t you, it could have been any one of us.”  

The angel wet his lips as dark eyes traced the blade. For her sake, he hoped she didn’t plan on using it. “You see, you say that like it’s something to be proud of. But really, your biggest downfall was keeping us out of the loop.” He pointed to himself, a smirk tugging at his lips. “You didn’t have the right players. And taking on someone like the Winchesters doesn’t leave much room for error.”

He raised a brow, not bothering to hide his amusement. “Angel of the Abyss or not, you need a plan. And it would be in your best interest to get a second opinion. Yours didn’t exactly work out last time.” 


Kilver Court (by Carrie WishWishWish)

Anon or not, pretend you are my character’s parent(s), and tell them what you think about their life choices.


This… could hurt.




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Lights Will Guide You Home // Billie and Belial (Shadow Love)


"It’s still a big weight to bear, Belial. My parents practically reformed the Kingdom after what Crowley did to it. Now I’m expected to continue that. With each year that I get closer and closer to gaining the crown, the more I worry that I’ll do something wrong." She paused and looked up at him. "However, if you were by my side, I’m sure that would help. Maybe the truth is that I just can’t carry the title alone."

Billie sighed. “Everyone was hoping I would. Not just you. I think the Council were my biggest supporters. Only because they don’t want Evan to rule. I think he would be good at it. But I know it’s not what he wants. Besides, as Queen or King, you have to work directly with the Council and Evan would hate that.”  The Princess giggled, knowing her brother all too well.

She frowned when Belial took on a look of sadden. She wanted to know what he was thinking, but she hated peeking into people’s minds. To her it was a betrayal on privacy. “I don’t really know what it was either about that day I fell for you. It was like any other day, but for some reason I just knew. I knew I had crossed over a line from family into dangerous waters. However, I don’t regret that.”

The hybrid shook her head. “I find that hard to believe.” She leaned into his touch, gently nuzzling his hand. “She was trained to be a torturer before she became Queen. My mother has been strong all her life.” Yet there was a lot she didn’t know of her mom’s past. As the Queen liked to say, some things were better left in the past. She knew that her mom witnessed the death of her parents, but nothing of the attack by Alastair.

Billie couldn’t get enough of his kiss. It was addicting. And the hand going down her back made a chill go up her spine. “Just as I’m sure that you won’t disappoint me.” She chuckled and gently brushed her lips against his. “No, I don’t. I could never abuse my power over you.”

The angel’s eyes widened. Those words both warmed and constricted his heart in his lungs. He’d sat by his whole life, leaving the decisions to the others- especially when it counted. For him to wear a crown, it was an image he couldn’t possibly expect to live up to. “I will always stand by you Princess.” He cupped her cheek, giving her a sad smile. “For whatever it’s worth. But any decision that I could make, would fail in comparison.” He brushed over her cheek, cherishing the smooth, fair skin under his touch. “You’re from a line of leaders. I have no doubt in my mind that you will exceed every expectation.”

Belial chuckled. “I fear what your brother given the chance. The Council has had it coming for a while now. If they didn’t have their uses, I think your parents would have cast them out before Evan was born.” His smile faded, a scowl threatening him at the thought of working so closely to the Council. Since day one they had set out to break his nephew. They were reason for the walls he’d once built so high within himself. They were the reason Evan had been so afraid to trust. The traces were still there, though his “hobby” had helped tremendously.

He noted the change in her expression, a sigh leaving him. “I wish I could regret it. Like I did at first.” A smile tugged at his lips, the angel running a hand through her hair. “Yet it seemed the more I tried to fight it, the more I wanted you.” A low chuckle left him, the angel shaking his head. “I wanted to tell you more than anything. It felt like defeat, no matter what I did. It got to a point where death would have been worth it.” He wet his lips, his gaze shifting down. “I was just so afraid of ruining you.”

The devotion Billie had for her mother was admirable, as well as much deserved. He’d known the Queen before the princess’s birth. And not once, even when there was life growing inside her, despite her mate being returned to her broken and without motivation, she remained just as powerful and determined. “She has always been strong, you’re right about that. But everyone starts somewhere.”

Belial hummed in appreciation, the angel claiming her lips with a hunger far deprived. ‘I know.’ He pulled her close, strong, protective arms holding what he’d wanted for so long. ‘I’d trust you with my life.’ He pulled back, panting slightly as he rested his brow against her own. “You’ve yet to see your potential. Maybe I can help fix that.” 

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"Oh um…warming by a fire place. It reminds me of home. My mother used to make us homemade hot chocolate. And we would sit for hours and share stories. Well…most of us. My brother tended to find something better to do." 



"Sex. Especially when it’s rough. It’s my all time favorite stress relief."



"Sitting in the garden with Lexi. It’s nice to get that time with her. And to see her basking in her beauty and that around her, there’s nothing like it." 

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