”Are you crazy?” Alec asked. “The Winchesters can’t be killed! I’ve heard stories about them and I would much rather not have my head on a stick. Plus, Dean seeing a dude wearing his face much better than him isn’t a way I wanted to say hello.” Alec huffed out a deep breath. “….. Tell me more of this plan.”

"If it wasn’t for me, Lucifer wouldn’t have had the support of our brothers to escape Hell and corrupt mankind. In fact, without me, your kind might not exist at all. He always did include me in his big decisions." 

Beelzebub chuckled as he watched the demon rant. The answer was obvious, at least in his mind. His fear was understood, seeing as how Lucifer had been brought down by one of them. However, Lucifer hadn’t sought his brain either. 

"It’s funny, because his face is actually the key component of this plan." The prince leaned forward, dark eyes taking the demon in as though he was a godsend perfectly gift-wrapped for is disposal. “You see Alec, the Winchesters are terribly codependent on each other. And if what I hear is true, Sam listens to his brother despite his better judgement.” 

The fallen angel couldn’t keep the grin off his face, even if he wanted to. This was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. "What I’m proposing is that if Dean were to have a lookalike, and there was an exchange, the Winchester’s reign may have gone down differently." 

Beelzebub pointed to himself. "I’m not sure if you are aware, but angels have this inborn ability to travel back in time. And if a certain angel were to find a double, and have Dean replaced with someone to whisper in his brother’s ear, Sam may not have had the drive to refuse Lucifer in the first place." 

He raised a blond brow, wetting his lips. "Do you catch my drift?"




Abaddon narrowed her eyes at Moloch, the color changing to the classic angelic blue. "It is a bad thing,” she seethed, "I fell for a reason, and getting my grace back is worse than dying by the hands of a Winchester," she spat. Abaddon had been the angel of the Abyss, guarding it, along with being the destroyer. "This isn’t more power, this is a Cage,”Abaddon said, walking up to Moloch and glaring into his eyes.

Moloch had expected this for a while now. His dear sister had fallen, just as their brother had. Her lust for power and her pride had clouded her judgment. It had blinded her. And Abaddon had fallen by the hands of a human, one she clearly had underestimated. 

 "Grace isn’t a bad thing to have. You’re just out of practice." He didn’t attempt to hid his amusement- a smile spreading across the angel’s features. "The problem Abaddon is that you took on the Winchesters by yourself, like Lucifer did. And just like him, look where it got you." 

The angel reached out, gently gripping her shoulder. "Don’t let it get to you. It could happen to anyone. That’s why your weapon," he tapped his temple for emphasis. "is up here."

He took a step back, his hand falling by his side. "Though I would reconsider your view on angels. Since you’re one now and happen to be surrounded by them. I would think that would be the smart thing to do." 



     ”Well, you ain’t no party goer yourself,” Alec mumbled under his breath after the stranger’s comment of how Alec was a lot less interesting. “You haven’t heard of me because I like to keep myself on the down low and, y’know, away from the ears of hunters. I’d like to avoid them.”

"You’re rather brave saying that. Though one could argue stupidity." The angel craned his neck. He had a plan brewing, one that he wasn’t so sure this “Alec” was capable of. Give it time. He’ll come around.

"It’s sad isn’t it? Sitting by and watching your brothers fall at the hands of humans." A smile tugged at his lips. "Those with power and a decent brain rely on other’s to do their work."

Beelzebub leaned forward, wetting his lips as dark eyes roamed over his company. "Perhaps the Winchesters and their kind haven’t been dealt the right hand. Maybe it would be in our best interest to put an end to their games. With the right allies, it would almost be easy. In fact, they wouldn’t see us coming."


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      Dean. He does sure get mistaken for the Winchester plenty of times, and quite honestly, it gets a bit annoying after a bit. “Might want to look over your information again, smartass. Name’s Alec, not Dean. Not Winchester. Not squirrel. Alec. And to answer your question: all this power? It feels great.” 

"Oh. Well that’s a shame. You suddenly became a lot less interesting," Beelzebub murmured, raising a brow at the other. "I would think you should know me by now. If not well, it’s time to be acquainted. Beelzebub, Prince of Hell."

He offered his hand, looking the other over with sudden interest. A Dean lookalike. Perhaps he might be of use after all. "I’m sure it does. It’s intoxicating, especially being surrounded by those inferior. So Alec…what is it that you do in your spare time? Why haven’t I heard about you?"

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold;
       who will have mercy on your soul?
No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold;
       nothing satisfies me but your soul.
                              O Death.



                   ”What do you want?”

I just had to see it for myself.” The angel pulled up a chair, not bothering to fight the grin spreading. "The infamous Dean Winchester, now one of our very own."

He cocked his head slightly. "It feels good, doesn’t it? All that power." Beelzebub chuckled lightly. "You’re going to need it. You’ve made a lot of enemies down here. It’s only a matter of time before they come to collect."

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"I’m an angel again,”Abaddon said to herself in sheer horror.

"You act like that’s a bad thing." Moloch couldn’t help but show himself. It was all too ironic. He’d been around since Hell was constructed. He’d had his fair share of time with her when she was one of them. "Don’t act pretend that you didn’t miss it. You should be rejoicing. After all, what’s better that more power?"